Monday, January 30, 2006

Blog of the Week: BlogginWallStreet

Straight for the straightjacket

Ready for $262/barrel oil?
Two of the world's most successful investors say oil will be in short supply in the coming months.
…billionaire investor George Soros, wouldn't make any specific predictions about prices. But as a legendary commodities player, it's worth paying heed to the words of the man who once took on the Bank of England -- and won. "I'm very worried about the supply-demand balance, which is very tight," Soros says.

Editors Note: This is also the same guy that called for the collapse of capitalism in his 1998 book then promptly proceeded to lose $2 billion in the collapse of Russia. I can imagine him saying something like this: Oh crap, communism, I meant to say communism not capitalism, It's the publishers fault, the title was supposed to read The Crisis in Global Communism, but they thought Capitalism would be more controversial and sell more books.

Of course, for all we know...



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