Monday, March 27, 2006

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Candela Laser (CLZR) Revisiting a Stock Pick

Hello Friends! Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my blog, Stock Picks Bob's Advice. As always, please remember that I am an amateur investor, so please remember to consult with your professional investment advisors prior to making any investment decisions based on information on this website.

I was looking through the list of top % gainers on the NASDAQ today, and came across Candela Laser (CLZR) which as I write is trading at $20.68, up $1.48 or 7.76% on the day. I do not own any shares nor do I have any options on this stock.

I first reviewed CLZR on Stock Picks Bob's Advice on January 28, 2004, a bit over two years ago, when it was trading at $26.38. CLZR split 2:1 on 3/17/04, giving my pick an effective price of $13.19. With today's price of $20.68, this represents a gain of $7.49 or 56.8% since posting on the blog.

Let's take a closer look at this company and I will share with you my thinking as to why this stock deserves a second look.

First of all, what they do:

According to the Yahoo "Profile" on Candela, the company
"...engages in the research, development, manufacture, marketing, sale, and servicing of lasers and light-based products used to perform aesthetic and cosmetic procedures worldwide. Its product line includes GentleLASE family of lasers for the treatment of unwanted hair and for the treatment of vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, and wrinkles; Vbeam for the treatment of vascular lesions, wrinkles, psoriasis, and other conditions; ALEXLAZR for the treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos; Smoothbeam diode laser for nonablative dermal remodeling of wrinkles, and the treatment of acne and acne scars; C-beam pulsed dye laser for treatment of psoriasis and surgical scars; and Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light system for the improvement of sun-damaged skin by photo rejuvenation through removal of both vascular and dyspigmentation."
And how about the latest quarterly result?



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