Monday, June 26, 2006

Blog of the Week: Land of Black Gold

Canadian Oil Sands - the Next El Dorado in North America?

Dr. Michael Economides, a petroleum engineer and Professor at the University of Houston, has recently suggested that the Canadian oil sands could be the next El Dorado in North America.

This comment comes, interestingly, from a gentleman who believes peak oil won't hit until roughly 2050 and that both Saudi Arabia and Russia will eventually increase production substantially. His other views: He's bullish on natural gas, believes that Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is the biggest threat to the United States and it's oil needs, and is convinced that Chinese demand, geopolitics and OPEC's inability to raise production in the short term are the main cause of high oil prices, not an imminent Hubbert's Peak of global production.

While his views thus differ substantially from peak oil proponents including Boone Pickens, Kenneth Deffeyes and Matthew Simmons, in seeing huge potential in Canadian oil sands, Dr. Economides joins a chorus of oil industry types, analysts, and investors.

On the potential of Canadian oil sands I highlight, in no particular order, the comments of...

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