Monday, September 11, 2006

Blog of the Week: Going Private

Win Ben Stein's Ire

smug portrait As a rule, I usually don't spend a lot of time on reader mail, or on the analysis of it here in these pages. It always feels self-serving to wax poetic at audience response to one's writing. For the same reason I don't turn comments on for the entries here. (A few readers have asked me to, and sometimes I actually consider it). Recently, however, reader mail has been interesting and insightful enough to warrant more comment. The three recent posts that have gotten me the most reader interest (as measured by influx of mail) here at Going Private include:

1. Imminent Death of Private Equity Predicted,
2. Nicole Kidman Should Run a Hedge Fund, and;
3. Voodoo Economics.

The majority of replies to "Voodoo Economics," my critique of the piece in last Sunday's New York Times on the evils of management buyouts by econ guru, general figure of shareholder menace and sometime economics teacher actor, Ben Stein, began with some version of:

"Ben Stein is off his rocker, but..."

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